The „cheese-map“

I am currently including “Supremacy” and “Our Only Way Out” in my deck (gain glory at the end of turn for holding three objectives).

The map-picture shows how I usually open with my first three skaven, when I had to choose a map-tile first and the enemy placed the other map-tile opposing to them.

I am playing this along with “Earthquake” and “Great Concussion” next time which both allow me to move all three skaven towards the three objectives (The corner token shows where I would let the great concussion hit the board).

Until now I never had the right card on my hand on turn one (not even with a mulligan), but I still had the feeling my board set-up did ok.

Do you have certain favorite map set-ups for your war-bands?

Woo let the dogs out…

So tonight I had a candle fight dinner with Andrej aka Pancake aka Woo. Yeah, now you get the title.

He brought Magore’s Fiends to table which my skaven were clearly not amused about. We played two matches which left me with a deep knowledge of what not to do when facing Khorne’s puppies.

Match one: I scored well in round one and two, but was left with only Krrrrrrrrk on the table. I love this name. Krrrk. He ran as fast as he possibly could when I sneaked away in the first activation of round three (using great concussion to increase the distance between the fiends and Krrrrrrrrrrrk). From a distance I scored another four glory to bring home the victory 12:7.

Lessons learned: Don’t let Skritch die after giving him 4 upgrades. Running is good. Activate Krrrrrk more often to say his name.

Match two: I had the urge to draw both Mulligans at the beginning of the match. It was only after the Mulligan that I knew that was a horrible, horrible mistake. How can I summarise what happened? I scored literally 0 glory until round three’s end phase (where I got 1 glory by dumping all other cards…). Andrej’s golden retriever killed all skaven quickly and without problems. I lost this massacre 1:10.

Lessons learned: Keep Mr. Mulligan in your pocket. Don’t let Skritch die (seriously just make sure this guy survives). Running is only good when you are winning.

I will replace 4 cards from my deck (next article will focus on this).

100 cheeseburger

My first matches I fought with the base game and my skaven. Which means my deck was rather simple (yet efficient). Today 100 cheeseburger worth of plastic and paper arrived (all other warbands) allowing me to eventually build my deck the way I want.

I decided to take this deck to my next fight on Thursday against Andrej’s super secret warband (he is painting them right now, but not telling me what it is…). Andrej, if you read this: do not open the link above and read no further!

Straight forward trying to push Spiteclaw as hard as possible. Many ploys targeting my Skaven and movement shenanigans should do the rest.

A month of pain and agony

Let me quickly introduce myself: Rob, 34 years, married, 2 children, full time working, living in Germany – country of beer and unhappy people!

I do not consider myself unhappy even though I have been living in Germany for most of the 34 years. However if we keep looking for things we do not need, but want, we quickly find a way to be unhappy!

And herewith I present to you what I totally do not need, but somehow need in my life: Shadespire trophies (see image below – the shiny bling bling in the middle).

Since I spend my time either with work or my family I have 0 time left to win one of those. Someone is selling one on ebay I saw today?! What is wrong with you? No, not buying it…

Now you ask yourself: Why is this blog entry that long? And why do you write a blog if you can’t play? Ok: 1) Sorry. Next one will be shorter. 2) My wife and children will visit our relatives abroad for a full month. Which will leave me back in rainy Bonn working my ass off. Yet I will have time in the evenings and weekends to play every single organised play event of Shadespire crossing my eyes (within reason. Sometimes not within reason…).

I will share my tournament losses with you as well as cool things I found on the webs related to Shadespire. Would be happy if you comment whatever garbage I may throw at you. Let’s enjoy this month of pain and agony together!

You can only do well with aggro Skaven if you’ve got a blog. — John Wynne Rees

Picture by Games Workshop (please don’t sue me!)