Warhammer Underworlds Masters Germany

It has been a while since my last match in competitive play, but I have been busy playing WHU whenever time allowed.

The best experience in Organised Play without a doubt was the event hosted by TG Play! Herford which are now running the WHU Masters which is currently the biggest WHU event in contintental Europe so far (42 registered players to date).

On the registration page we can see which warbands will make an appearance: https://www.tabletopturniere.de/t3_tournament_list.php?tid=22128

We can see that the season 1 warbands take a step back, but skaven went up. I decided to switch from my initial choice (Spiteclaw’s Swarm) to Thorns of the Briar Queen as my old skaven deck was utterly devastated by the BAR-list; while my thorns deck was just fine. Hell, I did not even reach five restricted cards and am now thinking I must have done something wrong! However during training sessions I made the highest score I was able to pull off so far (with any warband).

The event will take place in Herford which is located in the west of Germany close to Düsseldorf and the western borders. Unfortunately it seems the way is still too far for international players even though this thing is bigger than the official Grand Clash at Warhammer Fest.

Back then when the number of players was still below 20 I decided to sponsor a glass trophy for the event. I hope we will still reach the number of 50 players (perhaps with some internationals attending?). If you are free on December 1st join us! You can win lots of fantastic stuff, including the full organised play kit, but also other fancy stuff.


I am not the TO, but I wish them the best success possible! You can download the event reader here. Stay tuned for the decklist after the event.

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