The Warhammer Underworlds Grand Clash and my way to the shadeglass

A while ago I set up the plan to take part in as many tournaments as possible until I win a shadeglass trophy. Here is how it went:

I started my tournament season with the toughest challenge available: The Grand Clash at Warhammer Fest in Dusseldorf, Germany. Andrej accompanied me and it was his first Shadespire tournament as well.

We started off with a bootcamp the week before playing multiple matches with time limit as we were afraid we might play too slow. Andrej was running the cannibals (bloodreavers) while I trained with my hybrid skaven deck.

Honestly I did not feel ready for a Grand Clash as I knew I had troubles with whatever Khorne sent towards me, but I was determined to not change my warband.

The Grand Clash

The event took place at Maritim hotel (Dusseldorf airport). The hotel itself was a bit too fancy for our likes, but the location attracted many international players from all over the world; suitable for a Grand Clash!

The event featured four matches and a final match between 1st and 2nd place. The first three matches took place on Saturday while the fourth match and the final happened on Sunday.

We played best of three with a time limit of 90 minutes. In between matches there was enough time to eat (sausages for roughly 7€ – but there was a supermarket nearby) or to risk a look at the fantastic miniatures on display (Golden Demon Awards) and Games Workshop’s new releases.

I won a mirror match against Skaven with a glory difference of roughly 20+ which got me to the top tables in round 2. There I faced the Orruks which I was able to slay apart thanks to a lot of a lot of crits. Afterwards it went downwards. In round I had to face another Skaven warband, yet this time I screwed up. I guess my prior wins pushed my ego too far and I let my poor Skritch die a painful dead.

But it was round 4 when I met my new nemesis. Defensive Farstriders… My opponent did not score a lot of glory, but it was enough to beat me.

Eventually I placed in the upper middle-field which was ok for my first tournament. Let’s take an even less detailed look on the next tournaments.

Headblast Con

Nice location, well organised and I met some fellow players from the Warhammer Fest such as Deniz. Back then I gave his Orruks a tough time. His revenge was brought by yours truly Sanson Farstrider. Lost the first round as well as the second (Magore’s Fiends). However I was able to win the upcoming two rounds against Stormcast Eternals and Farstriders. Again I was ranked in the upper middle-field. Up to the next event!

TG Play!

This was the best organised event I have seen so far (not only for WHU); even better than the Grand Clash. I will be going there again for the Masters in December (this time with my Thorns of the Briar Queen).

Round 1 was against Klaas and his Orruks. It was an intense match-up and ended in a draw (which I believe we were both happy about). Round 2 was a rain of glory against the Warden and his shaky bones. Which let to round 3… Farstriders. Aaaand I lost that one again. No glass for me this time even though my skaven kicked asses in round 4 (which was a sweet mirror match). Time to move on!


The fourth tournament happened at a nice store in Siegen which I visited earlier for TCG events and it actually was the shop where I initially bought Shadespire and my Skaven.

This time I made it to the finals despite the fact that I met Farstriders on my way there. I guess fighting them repeatedly helped a lot, because this time I knew what to do and managed to win even with several bad rolls on my side.

It seems this tournament was meant to bring several story arcs to an end. I faced my bro Andrej in the finals who started this journey with me. I would usually lose against these freaking bloodsuckers of Khorne. But not this time! If I remember correctly the earth started shaking while we played three exciting rounds. Our rolls were accompanied by thunder… Perhaps my mind is colouring that moment a bit too much. Long story short: I won the third match thanks to a tiebreaker and ended this journey with my first shadeglass-trophy!

What next?

Shortly after my win Nightvault was released and I decided to take a change. For the next tournament (the Masters) I built a new deck for my nighthaunt with a different playstyle.

The event will take place on December 1st and until now 36 players are registered. The Masters might easily grow to the biggest WHU event so far.

As by now many WHU blogs post on regular basis I decided to only throw in my few cents every now and then.

Next time I will introduce my Nighthaunt deck (after December 1st). Stay tuned!

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