Back from the grave

No, I did not play Sepulchral Guard. Remember when I wrote I’d be flying to Dubai soon? I caught some rough virus while traveling and was struck down for three weeks.

Anyhow back there in Dubai I was invited to Battlezone Dubai. I had a great time there thanks to the kind people working there and those hanging out there (picture taken at Battlezone).

One of them was Steve who was kind enough to play five rounds of Shadespire with a stranger.

He played Bloodreavers and brought a glory-massacre upon my tiny rats. However after having seen his deck in action I was well prepared for the following rounds. I learned that it is alright to lose the first round, as long as you draw the right conclusions.

To cut it short: I was able to win the following four rounds by denying him the options to score glory. It was only after the matches that I got to know Steve only used cards from the core game… How dumb I felt. Next time in Dubai I hope I will get the chance to play him again with a fair setup!

If you ever get to Dubai make sure to get in touch with Battlezone. I am sure they will invite you to their Shadespire-WhatsApp group.

Tomorrow I will be back with two short battle-reports (one against Reavers, one against Guard) which feature cards from the new Leader’s pack. Stay tuned!

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