A month of pain and agony

Let me quickly introduce myself: Rob, 34 years, married, 2 children, full time working, living in Germany – country of beer and unhappy people!

I do not consider myself unhappy even though I have been living in Germany for most of the 34 years. However if we keep looking for things we do not need, but want, we quickly find a way to be unhappy!

And herewith I present to you what I totally do not need, but somehow need in my life: Shadespire trophies (see image below – the shiny bling bling in the middle).

Since I spend my time either with work or my family I have 0 time left to win one of those. Someone is selling one on ebay I saw today?! What is wrong with you? No, not buying it…

Now you ask yourself: Why is this blog entry that long? And why do you write a blog if you can’t play? Ok: 1) Sorry. Next one will be shorter. 2) My wife and children will visit our relatives abroad for a full month. Which will leave me back in rainy Bonn working my ass off. Yet I will have time in the evenings and weekends to play every single organised play event of Shadespire crossing my eyes (within reason. Sometimes not within reason…).

I will share my tournament losses with you as well as cool things I found on the webs related to Shadespire. Would be happy if you comment whatever garbage I may throw at you. Let’s enjoy this month of pain and agony together!

You can only do well with aggro Skaven if you’ve got a blog. — John Wynne Rees

Picture by Games Workshop (please don’t sue me!)

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